Oracle September Technology workshop

Oracle September Technology workshop

September: Managing your Energy
Technology: Digital detox

We now live in two worlds – one physical the other digital. As a result we are working doubly hard in attending to the tasks we need to complete and avoiding the distractions of the digital world. The question addressed in this workshop is how do we maintain our interaction with our digital world whilst keeping energy levels up and avoiding depletion?

The blurring of boundaries and increasing conflict between the online and offline worlds continues
at increasing intensity to the extent that we have to accept the fact that we now have to exist in two parallel universes: a physical realm of personal needs and practical realities, and a virtual world where we spend most of our time. Recent research found that we now spend more time on our digital devices (on average over 8.5 hours) than we do sleeping.

This always on, constantly connected, reactively responding, lifestyle is what is fuelling digital burnout. It has rewired our brains to be in a ‘busy but distracted’ mode. Our new default thoughts and behaviours to any spare time available are to delve back into cyberspace.

Once you’re on your Smartphone, you get tunnel vision. As soon as you’ve checked your emails, you’ll probably move onto social media, and if there is still time, you’ll move onto an app or a game. This not only blurs the boundaries between work and play, but we become less aware of the physical world around us. And therein lies the problem. When we do come back to our physical world, we discover that the things we have to do are still there, but now there’s even more to do.

Join us for this interactive digital detox session to support you in removing the habits that distract your attention and drain your energy. The result will be to improve focus and concentration so that you can move out of survival mode and into your personal performance zone.

More information on how to book onto this session will be coming soon!

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