Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is one of the top three causes of absence.

Barely a month goes by without some new report or study concluding that we are more stressed than ever. It’s understandable. After all, while the economic climate is improving, it is hardly stable. This means that anyone in employment feels under pressure to prove their worth, to make sure that, come the
next round of cutbacks, they’ve still got a job.

Just as pertinently, modern technology has facilitated an “always on” culture so even when we’re not actually at work, we’re expected to reply to emails and calls.

The Britain’s Healthiest Company data shows that one-third of employees suffer from multiple dimensions of mental well-being concerns, some of which are unrelated to the workplace but that result in productivity losses for the employer nonetheless.

The better people’s needs are met, the more healthy, happy, engaged, productive and loyal they become. Take care of them and they’ll take care
of business.

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