Mindfulness Attention Training – Corporate Wellbeing

Millions of people are turning to mindfulness to help reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus, self-control and cognitive flexibility and boost optimism and resilience. In the workplace this translates into more harmonious relations, better client focus, less absenteeism and greater job-and life-satisfaction.

Drawing on Google’s ground-breaking mindfulness-based training programme, our series of eight mindfulness workshops covers each of the three foundation skills:

Attention training – to learn to place your mind where you want it to be and manage counter-productive distractions

Self-awareness and self-mastery – to get to know your automatic defaults and thinking patterns and, from the basis of that knowledge, to make more conscious and wiser choices

Creating useful mental (and other) habits – to build new thinking patterns and habits which serve you better, waste less energy and enable you to fulfil your potential

Mindfulness – Corporate Wellbeing

Our speakers are qualified Mindfulness experts & Psychologists and nationally recognised as the best in their field. Feel Good Mindfulness workshops will teach simple techniques to master the overthinking mind, improve focus and concentration, deal more effectively with technology and stop counter productive ‘mulit-tasking’.

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Mindfulness Workshops – 8-week programme

Drawing on Google’s ground-breaking mindfulness-based training programme, we offer you our series of eight 60-minute mindfulness workshops:


  • Session 1: Embracing Mindfulness In A Manic World
  • Session 2: Maintaining Mindfulness In A Digital World


  • Session 3: Managing Conflict & Difficult Relationships at Work
  • Session 4: Good Listening Is Good For Business
  • Session 5: Are You A Perfectionist? Give Yourself a Break


  • Session 6: Boosting Creativity & Breaking Out Of Negative Thought Patterns
  • Session 7: Stress: Learning To Put Yourself First
  • Session 8: Sleepwalking To Disaster

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