60-Seconds | Episode 1 - Colin Robertson: The Secret To Success

Richard Heasman
April 14, 2020
Our first episode is with FeelGoodCo & Tedx speaker Colin Robertson and explores the secret to success

Each workshop we design is not only packed with the latest science and trends, it's also delivered by the most qualified, inspiring and engaging speakers available. As a leading practitioner in the area of endurance sports, Colin Robertson has successfully trained and prepared athletes for a multitude of extreme endeavours.

Colin is one of our expert speakers and will be hosting the upcoming Made To Move: Become a movement opportunist 30-minute virtual workshop, part of the free 'Power Beyond Covid-19: 6-Week Virtual Resilience Series' that we announced last week.

From a four-man row across the Atlantic, to qualification for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii, to the Marathon des Sables across the Sahara Desert - Colin's list of accomplishments are long.

As part of our new 'Get Inspired in 60-Seconds' audio series, where you can listen to inspiring short stories and get motivated to change 1 thing for the better in your daily life, Colin digs into the secret of success: by creating a track-record of mini accomplishments.

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