How We Are Supporting The HR Community To Power Beyond COVID-19 With A Free 6-Week Series

Leanne Rigby
April 10, 2020

Psychology tells us that as human beings we are more resilient and adaptable than we think.

Over the last 4 weeks, the whole nation has risen to the challenge presented by COVID-19 and successfully settled into isolation and made home working the new norm. It has also been heartwarming to see how many organisations really care about their employees and, in these tough times, put them first.

It’s difficult not to feel inspired. Seeing such a sense of community reveal itself with colleagues, leaders, family, and friends, all pulling together to support and rally amongst each other at this time of need is remarkable.

It’s why FeelgoodCo wanted to step up and help the hidden heroes amongst all of this: the HR community who are working tirelessly, not only doing their day jobs but working above and beyond to offer a lifeline to many; offering support and setting up new initiatives to help their people adapt to this new normality.

The question was how?

Having spoken to many HR executives over the past week, the greatest challenge facing organisations after Easter is how are we going to maintain motivation levels throughout a further 6-weeks in isolation.

Some people are living alone, others in cramped conditions and many with children at home. The sense has been that people are working longer hours than ever before, which raises the importance of maintaining boundaries between work and home life so we avoid burnout but instead keep people healthy and engaged.

It is important organisations and their people come out of this in the best possible shape to hit the floor running. The impact of this disruption will be far longer than the time we spend in isolation.

FeelGoodCo has therefore devised a healthy sprint over the next six weeks to support organisations and the HR community. This is a 6-week Resilience series of live virtual 30-minute workshops to be rolled out FREE to the HR community each week following the Easter break, up until the end of May. These six topics have been carefully selected and adapted to support your employees with wellbeing, performance and motivation strategies to support the new working norm.

We are here to support you, HR heroes, as well as your valued people. Our aim is to equip you and your people to be their best so we can all power out of isolation and back into our places of work in the best possible shape, ready to do business.

You can sign-up to the free series here. If you would like to support your employees with this package, then please direct message me, or email

Leanne Rigby.

Founder & CEO of FeelGoodCo

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